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Setting up business profile

  1. Set your business profile & get new business leads. While setting up the store, fill in the details of your business, Category, Business information, Service area and your contact details.
  2. To make your online presence prominent give website details, social media links and Youtube video (catalogue video)
  3. Upload the price catalogue for the services you offer. Clients will get an upfront detail and this will help in making decision easier for them.
  4. Upload pictures, videos of the offered services. Pick the most exclusive ones because “Exclusivity is paramount”

What makes each wedding precious and unique are the details and services provided by the vendors that cater to all their wedding needs. To add more value onto the wedding day, vendors are a great source for a luxurious ceremony, offering quintessential spaces, taking care of guests need and many more for your dream wedding.


Set availability & preferences


Vendors play a critical role in your big day because they set the tone of your functions/rituals and wedding party.

Needless to say, every vendor has a calendar which might get piled up due to too many ceremonies schedule at the same time. This platform will help you in prioritizing your work. The vendor can set the available dates and rule out the dates which are already occupied. If vendor is discovering too many footfalls for the same offering, preferences can be defined based on the first come first serve basis. Vendors can set their priorities and would part ways from the client whom they do not want to provide their service.


Manage booking

Manage booking

Businesses are transitioning to online scheduling for effective management. Manage booking is a major factor for Vendor to organize their work. It is a great way to manage bookings for the provided services. This feature will enable the vendor to manage bookings from his/her calendar and avoid double bookings by assigning the needed resources to a particular booking. This will give a clear control and visibility of all the activities and exceptions. This will help in booking with the different slot on the same day, booking for venue,flowers, catering services, lights & decorations and so on. .

To see how your day or month is shaping up, use the calendar view. Filter to see specific services or resources, or update existing booking or availability. Customers still calling in to make reservations the old-fashioned way? While on the phone, manually add them from the calendar.

Make your time slot as specific as possible.



Manage Events - Wedding Expos, Fairs etc.

Manage Events

Another feature that the vendors will find very useful is the Manage events. Because every event is unique, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single tool that has the feature to manage all your events. Every successful corporate event relies on how the events have been managed by the vendor. It can be a challenge finding the right way for each piece of the event you’re planning. Just one mistake can ruin and damage your relationship with your clients.

This feature will benefit you with planning and managing your events in a scheduled way, whether it’s an expo, wedding, baby shower or any other occasions. Managing events allow vendors to transform work into productivity and help in garnering more clients. This true relationship with the client is probably the biggest benefit of vendor’s event management. You an shape up your events in the calendar and manage your slot easily.


Managing your event dates is very critical for you and your clients because you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Manage Services & Showcasing  Features

Vendors are always have to be well organized and take pride in giving the best service. Being a vendor (service provider), you have to be proficient in organizing every kind of celebration with your exclusive services and always be ready to add glitter to the big day. This tool allows the vendors to manage catalogs to showcase their varieties and specialties with a portfolio of everything like venues, other services.

Because you believe that no two weddings should ever be alike.


Manage inquires – Message

Manage Message

This tool allows to manage the customers inquiries smoothly and efficiently. The inquiries received from the customers/clients should be monitored and prompt reply will help to deliver the best outcomes to stand exceptionally in the competition.

Where prompt answers will help customers in getting their solutions and will also make customers happy. Through this tool, the vendor and also promptly throw seasonal discounts and offers. This will lead to enhancement in user engagement and getting more client.


Alerts and Push Notifications


Push notification alerts the vendors of all the new requirements, task reminders and all the other wedding service related notifications. Staying alert is very important to make the functionality a must.



Manage Gallery

Manage Gallery

This is one of the must-have additional features for a wedding vendor. For a wedding vendor, your beautiful, professional images are gold. Sharing images on a platform where your reach innumerable users and go a long way in building relationship with potential users. After the wedding, make it a part of your post-shoot workflow to post the selective pictures in the gallery selection. This will help to market your work and will create an authenticity. A vendor wants to market the images of their work as fast as possible and this feature will help you doing that.



Export report

This tool will help in exporting the number of booking list from the panel. It will be digital keeping of multiple page documents that vendor export to PDF files, if a physical copy is needed to keep a track on the events.

Contact user with attachments

If Vendor would want to contact those users who have contacted them with a query then the vendor can send reply to their messages with relevant attachments based on the query. The attachments could be anything like Visiting Card, Pricing Plan, Past work related documents and many more.

You'll be more likely to get new wedding clients if you follow these procedures. And if you provide a world-class experience, your work will speak for itself, resulting in additional new business.


Upgrade package option

One of the most common pricing tactics used by wedding vendors is to create packages. Typically, vendors would combine multiple services and charge a fee so that potential clients may simply select the wedding package that best suits their needs. Many engaged couples seek out wedding packages because of the perceived savings; therefore, be strategic about what you put in a package so you can easily persuade them.

You can use this function to manage and update your price plan. When you are creating a pricelist, remember that your asking price will be as important as your portfolio - they both influence a potential client's final decision.


Upload Pricing catalog

Upload Pricing catalog

This tool will help you uploading your defined pricing catalog, work catalog or any other supporting documents, which will help the vendor to garner new clients. The catalog can be upload in PDF, JPEG OR PNG format. Providing a detailed breakdown of average wedding vendor costs by area, as well as information on pricing considerations to the users. Users can now go into wedding planning knowing what to expect and simply construct a wedding budget you can stick to.


View the reviews, Hide /Show reviews

View the reviews

Manage your customer reviews directly from the website. Get more reviews & reply to them - generate more engagement on your Wedyourways profile. The reviews will be showcased to those clients who visit your profile and in case you want to remove any of the negative comments from your profile, you have the access to do so.



What is Wedyourways?

Wedyourways is one of the most Loved Wedding Planning Platform where couples can hire wedding vendors, get ideas & inspiration for various events & services, and plan their wedding conveniently & cost-effectively. We help couples plan their wedding day by connecting them with excellent vendors and help in growing their businesses online.


How do I get started with Wedyourways?

You can get started by Registering your wedding business. Registration is completely Free and takes just 5-10 minutes. In order to register, fill the ‘Signup Form’ on the right. Click on ‘CREATE MY PROFILE’. In the next step, fill all your business details and click on ‘NEXT’ & then click on “SUBMIT”.

In case you need further information, reach out to us at


How does Wedyourways work?

Couples who are looking for the services that any of the vendor offer, can check relevant details, ratings, reviews and past work from their profile. Couples will directly contact the vendor & send their specific requirements by email and mobile phone.

Register user can also reach out to the vendor through the customer panel. Different type of vendors have been registered in wedyourways and showcasing their work and hence a user can contact through their registered panel and enquire based on their requirements.


How does the approval process work?

Couples come to Wedyourways to choose vendors who they can trust on their biggest day of life. To ensure that, after you fill up your business details and ‘SEND FOR APPROVAL’, we check the veracity of the information provided by you. In case of discrepancy or non availability of information, we would ask you to provide more information. After that, your profile is approved.

After you have filled the information, you would be prompted to collect 3 reviews from your past customers on your Wedyourways profile. We urge you to facilitate this step as reviews would go long way in building trust in your brand and services.


What are the charges for my online profile?

Listing your business on Wedyourways is Absolutely Free.


In which all categories can I create my Wedyourways profile?

Currently, you can create profile in one or more categories out of the following: - Wedding Photographer/Videographer
- Makeup Artist
- Wedding Venue
- Wedding Decorator/Florist
- Mehendi Artist
- Wedding Invitation
- Choreographer
- DJ
- Bridal Designer
- Wedding Planner


Why is Wedyourways better than other options?

Wedyourways gives you the power and freedom to create and manage your online brand. We ensure that only interested couples contact you using all of the information we provide and our ever-evolving features. We invest heavily in all available marketing channels to ensure that you may access the broadest online client base from the comfort of your own home.

Manage preferred vendors

Manage preferred vendors

You most likely to have a number of trusted vendors who assist you in putting on memorable events for your clientele. Our vendor management tools give you a place to keep track of your vendors' contact details and other vital information. You can add and organize vendors by category/group (florists, photographers, catering, etc.) here, and our user-friendly search capabilities make it easy to discover the vendor you're searching for. You may also use this tool to add a vendor to a current or forthcoming Event/Project.