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If you want your dream to come true, “wed your ways” is the perfect platform to plan your wedding. This is an amazing platform that provides you a great catalogue of vendor selections such as event decorators, photographers and several other options to spice up your wedding.

Smita M.

‘Wed your ways’ as the name suggest, you can decide the way you want your wedding to be. Being in US, we miss many traditions during the wedding. Wed your Ways is breaking that norm. First of its kind website where you have a list of vendors information available for every small tradition we follow during wedding. This is a one stop place, where you can select the kind of wedding you want. In this generation, we even do not know all the tradition ourselves. You get suggestions on that as well. I got to know about this site through a friend. Thanks to her. now I can definitely plan a wedding for my son myself. Its just a click away!

Radhika N.

‘Wed your ways’ something that I’ve been looking for a long time. Having to find multiple vendors searching on google was a big hassle. This site helped me to find all the great vendors from pandits to photographer at one place. Thank you Wed your ways..!!

Usha K.

I got fantastic and fast customer support from Henna Art By Hetal with various questions I had about my bridal henna! I could not have been happier! I could tell she really cared that we had the answers we needed. This awesome response reassured me, because I had read about some terrible experiences with support on a different wedding website, which caused us to switch to Wed your ways. Glad we made the choice we did! We will continue to use Wed your ways for all our wedding planning. Thank you, Hetal!

Kunal P.