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a. Wedding Vision

Wedding vision

This is the time that every bride wants to cherish for the longest time possible but everything before that can be a little bit overwhelming. With all those ideas popping up in your head, the very first and most crucial step is the wedding vision. Having a clear wedding vision is the trickiest step in the process of wedding planning, to have D- DAY exactly like you have dreamt and wished for.

Here we are to make it all easy for you with a little to-do list. Firstly don’t forget that this is day is about the love between you and your partner. So before coming to a conclusion about the wedding vision, you should start by defining what defines you both as one- the relationship, your personalities, and the values. Once all this planning starts, it would be really hard for you both to not get caught up in the little and the big things altogether and forget about the big picture. Try to jot down important things that are a must-have for your wedding day. It can consist of things like having your favorite drink at the bar, the choice of music, color combination, and much more.

It is natural that you may come across some things that you’ll be confused about and it may take some time, but once you have successfully figured out your wedding vision, the rest of the wedding planning will start to pace itself naturally and you will see your vision come to life.


Also, among all these things don’t forget to have fun while planning, enjoy the process of your dream wedding come true and take a moment to appreciate yourself for all the diligence that you’ve put into this.

 b. Checklist


Standard Checklist

The most important and awaited day in your life is your wedding and planning it can be a little stressful. Along with triggering a huge amount of adrenaline rush, the responsibility of getting everything done can be concerning. A wedding checklist is what is to be maintained and to do that everything needs to be jotted down so that you can tick it off one by one. These are some of the Standard things that your wedding checklist must have and get things done as per the wedding timeline.


6 to 12 months before the wedding

1. Draw up a budget for your wedding.

2. Start finalizing your guest list.

3. Find a potential wedding venue.

4. Most importantly hire a wedding planner who can take care of your wedding checklist and help you make your dream wedding come true!!

5. Keep updating yourself by keeping the track of the latest trends for your D Day


3 to 5 months before the wedding

6. The best time to finalize your wedding invite is now from the color to the content everything should be perfect.

7. Get yourself a photographer who you trust and are comfortable around for those perfect candid’s and photos of your D-Day

8. No wedding is complete without good music and great entertainment. Start deciding which band will play at your wedding.

9. Book a good henna artist as there would be no pictures your hands would escape. And obviously, the kids and women love henna designs on their hands.

10. Get Your Makeup Artist On Board

11. Start shopping for jewelry; it is one of the important tasks on this checklist. Also keep a check on the discounts that the jewelry brands, there’s no harm in saving some money.


2 months before the wedding

12. Book your honeymoon as with this you will be ticking off a major thing from your wedding planning checklist!

13. Start sending out your wedding invites! Check them thoroughly, get the names right, in such hotchpotch there is a chance of some mistakes.

14. Getting your pre-wedding shoot done. Head out find a beautiful place and get those pictures clicked and flaunt it to your family and relatives.

15. Bachelor / bachelorette party: the best time to celebrate your last singlehood moments is now! Take your friends out and enjoy with them and make it a memorable trip for you!


1 month before the wedding

16. Follow up with your vendors: give them a call and confirm all the reservations for the wedding

17. Hire a photographer: Make sure everyone from your side hits it on the dance floor by hiring a choreographer for their practice.

18. Give a try to your wedding outfit to check for any last-minute alteration!


2 weeks before the wedding

19. Follow up with the guests for the final headcount.

20. Get started with your skin routines to look mesmerizing on your wedding day!

21. Finalize your music choices and send them to the DJ.


1 week before the wedding

22. Try on the wedding clothes to be 100% of the fitting.

23. Keep everything organized: from all the payment receipts to your packing of clothes. The more organized you are the more hassle-free it is.

We all know that planning a wedding is a continuous process which involves a lot of managing and solving problems but with us, it’s all going to be easy. We will not only sort out all your problems but also see them beforehand and prevent them. We will provide a full-time and support you at every step so that you can have your dream wedding without any hassle and worries.

Customised Checklist


You may feel messy with the ample arrangements on your D day. Start ticking off the tasks today with our customized and personalized checklist. Your wedding checklist will be created based on your specific requirements starting from attire, sangeet, mehandi, destination selection,catering, venue decoration, and so on.

There have been beautiful weddings that were pulled together in just 3 months, and there are many, which took years in the making.Normally, year long engagement is pretty ideal to give you enough time to choose your dream venue and vendors/suppliers.


Once you have an idea of when you want to get married, you can start asking yourself what your wedding vision is. Is there a particular season,wedding style, Venue or something amazing you want on your D day. We are here to help you creating your own checklist with deadlines assign to each task, which will be based on the amount of time you have planned for your wedding.

Once you’ve locked in your wedding date, you can enter the different ceremony details in your account with timeline assigned to each and the platform will automatically create a custom wedding planning checklist for you.The checklist will let you know when to complete each task by sending task reminders to keep you remind of the timelines. Besides that you can always go into the system to add your own tasks.

This is very useful if you have to schedule appointments with vendors/suppliers, finalize DIY projects, go pick up a couple things from the shops, or for any other personal tasks. The platform also provides you a query section where you can always go and drop in your wedding related queries, which could be any silly thing and our on board experts will answer each one of them personally. Our checklist is made with you in mind. Just add, remove and update to-dos to fit your needs.

c. Inspiration board


After you’ve enjoyed your engagement celebration with your loved ones, the next step is thee wedding planning. Every bride has those numerous boards and videos saved for this day, and it’s hard to keep a track of those from everywhere and get it all done! To make it all easy-peasy for you we provide you with an inspirational board section, where you can upload all those boards and videos from Pinterest and YouTube altogether. A wedding mood board helps you to guide your decisions and visually explain your desires to your wedding team.

This not only helps you while planning your wedding but after it too, there will be a time when you’ll want to go down this memory lane and look at all those boards and be happy about how much better all that turned out to be. How we pulled it all together and made your dream wedding come true!



d. Event manager

Event Manager

Oftentimes, you must be wondering how would you manage the 100s of tasks, guest lists, invitations, emails, SMSs, arrivals & departures, hotels, and cars? Excels are clumsy and diaries are unmanageable. Difficult to update and never in sync. Failing to overcome these obstacles can be extremely disappointing for the bride, groom, and their families.

To ensure that a wedding day goes smoothly from start to finish, we take care of various aspects like venue, dresses, caterers, invitations, florists, makeup artists, photographers, guests, etc., which is a never-ending list. As wedding couples families have too many tasks to plan simultaneously, it becomes difficult for them to organize all these aspects without any mistakes, misunderstandings, and confusion.

The event management tool will help you in overcoming these challenges, and ensure that you plan a really enjoyable and memorable wedding for your clients.


These are some of the must-Have features of wedding planner

Managing your wedding ceremony

The wedding planner tool allows you to manage your wedding ceremony, as you may need to plan different tasks and functions at the same time. This would help you in not confusing one preparation with other in any way.

Budget Planning

Budget Planning

Every wedding has a specified budget depending on various factors like destination,wedding, social status, rituals etc. This tool will allow you to calculate the expenses and ensure that the money is being used at the right time for the right purpose.

Planning the Itinerary

A wedding can have more than one ceremony. This tool will allow you to prepare the itinerary for all the ceremonies at the wedding and share that information with the bride or groom's families, and everyone attending those ceremonies.

Venue Management

This tool will allow you to choose the venue for your wedding which is one of the most important aspects of making a wedding successful. The details of the venue decided for all the ceremonies should be shared with the guests to help them reach the right place.


List of Vendors & Service Providers

While managing wedding, you need to take help from various vendors & service providers like caterers, florists, etc. You need to have quick access to the information about the people or companies providing you the products and services to manage the wedding. This tool will facilitate you to do so.

Floor Plan Layout

You can prepare the floor plan, which would give an idea about the seating arrangement of the guests, dance area, stage, food counters, etc., in advance.

e. Guest manager

Preparing a guest list for your wedding is not an easy task, but we’ve got your back with this too! Don’t let this task ruin your wedding vibes. Here we are with some tips that will make this tedious task easy and hassle-free for you, follow these steps, and then we are good to go!

Guest manager

1. It’s important to finalize your budget.

2. Take your family’s inputs and suggestions and come down to a conclusion regarding a rough headcount.

3. It’s essential that while preparing your guests, you try not to exceed your budget. If at all you find yourself exceeding the set budget, make sure that it is somewhere very near to the decided budget.

4. Keep in mind the venue of your wedding, having a lot of guests but not enough space is downright embarrassing.

5. Before you start with your guest list, categorize it into two parts-

List A: is for all your closest family members, relatives, friends, and co-workers; all those people you want to have at your wedding without any doubt.

List B: is for all those people that you are not sure about inviting or you will only invite if it doesn’t cross your budget.


6. Keep track of the number of guests per invitation.

7. If you have guests coming from overseas, it’s important that you send them the invitations first so that they can confirm if they’d be joining you on your big day. Knowing this beforehand will help you in keeping a track of the total headcount of the guests.

8. Knowing the headcounts will help in organizing your guests to suitable accommodation, which will ensure that all your guests have a place to get ready, meet before and get a good night's sleep after your special day.

Grouping guests list and sending Invitations

Want to organize your wedding event with a lot of attendees? Use this tool to effectively manage events of any size. When you create an event for a large group of people, you can add the number of attendees in that event and assign them separately for a particular function.

The events can be grouped based on the number of attendees and the functions such as Mehandi, Sangeet, Haldi and so on. Review your guest list to see if specific people, such as relatives, colleagues, important client will be attending. The guest list template can be exported and downloaded in a variety of formats, including Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.You may keep track of all of your guests online and share them with the groom, bride, wedding coordinator, or anybody else.

Furthermore, you may generate a variety of handy printable items based on the guest list, such as a seating reception plan, place cards, and table cards.

You can also use a mailing list to invite attendees, calendar will automatically send invitations to join the ceremony and automatically remove if guest don’t want to attend the function. The host can have the exact number of attendees for that particular function.

 f. Vendor manager

From finding to comparing and then hiring, these features make it all easy for you.  Search and hire vendors that fit your requirements. Here are some tips on how hiring a vendor within your budget range can be as easy as surfing the net.

Vendor manager

1. Get started:

After you have decided on your budget, it’s time for you to start researching the wedding vendors. From the venue and flowers to catering and cake, there is a lot that you have to keep track of. Our Wedding Vendor Manager feature helps you to stay organized, and helps to keeps your stress levels to a minimum.

2. Choose the vendors:

Finding the right vendors for your dream wedding depends on what you envision for the big day and the other wedding events. You will have to find a vendor that suits what you have in mind for your day, and more importantly the style and the scale of the wedding. You need to find the key information like what their experience is, their style, their availability, and charges, etc, and compare them.  We’ve listed them all out and their pricing and their ratings, so that you can choose from a range of options.